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About Penguin Pool

Penguinpool is a cryptocurrency mining pool service provider. It has been established in 2018-2019.
At, our main aim is providing good quality service low cost pool fees. In fact, everything we do at has a long-term view in mind, We are committed to providing highly secure, transparent, mining pools. We believe in creating lasting relationships with our miners as building block and success.
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- Our primary focus in developing our products is high quality and ease of use; we believe that simplicity is the key to elegant design. Rigorous application of this approach has made our products the foundation on which our client's satisfaction is built.


- Dealing with our trained and competent professionals will give you a feeling of satisfaction that is hard to get these days. We can do this because our group of people have become a team that has developed a habit of helping all - each other and clients.


- Experience has taught us that long term retention of clients can be built only if clients are continuously satisfied; therefore, we give this the highest priority. We also understand that referrals only follow full approval of our services creating a win-win relationship for the company and our relationship.